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Let's break down your goals, create plans and help you reach your wildest dreams!! I have a very holistic approach to career coaching - I don't just do resumes and interview prep. I guide you through the whole process of breaking down what your career goals really are, understanding your WHY and creating a plan of action to get you to what you really want. I truly believe that every one can reach their wildest dreams if they just get the right kind of encouragement.

Through this process my clients have landed jobs at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more. But most importantly we narrowed down and figured out what was really important to them - and made sure the goals they were aiming for were ones they really wanted. Learn more about how it works here

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Let's connect - feel free to reach out about coaching services, collaboration requests, speaking engagements and more. I love collaborating and I'm excited to get to know you. Drop a message below!

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Also I love speaking at events and engaging with an audience. I get the most excited about speaking with students and under represented communities. I'll make a fun and insightful speaker/panelist at your next event and always take time to connect with my audience.

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"Dasani's heart is in making the world a brighter place by helping others develop personally. I appreciate all that I've learnt from her"

Grace Dai
SDE @ Amazon
"During my 3rd year of college, I really wanted to do a big tech internship but I was overwhelmed by the studying process and having done one (intense) mock interview with a friend I was dejected. But asking Dasani for help was one of the best decisions I made. She immediately empathized with how I felt and assured me it wasn't my fault-- mock interviews are hard and of course I felt overwhelmed diving into the deep end. Instead she worked with me every Sunday and clearly defined the steps we would take until I was ready. When doing mock interviews, she adjusted to my level of comfort and gave them in a more casual way while also coaching me on the side (reminding me what type of questions I should ask, suggesting different approaches). Overall, Dasani makes you feel like you have someone fighting for your side. She is a judgement free zone and in a business riddled with imposter syndrome, she makes you feel like you belong. "
Ayesha Ahmed
SWE Intern @ Google
β€œI first reached out to Dasani after I left received my engineering internship offer at Google as she had done the same program. She gave me a lot of applicable and useful tips about her experience that helped in doing well in the program. Our professional relationship developed over the course of the next few months, and I updated her with milestones in my career (such as the women techmakers scholarship, internship interviews at Microsoft and Khan Academy) which she supported through constructive and helpful advice. She helped me deconstruct the Khan Academy interviews and gave me useful advice on how to tackle the Hackerrank questions. Dasani's heart is in making the world a brighter place by helping others and developing personally. She is a valuable connection and I appreciate all that I've learnt from her.”

"Dasani is a judgement free zone and in a business riddled with imposter syndrome she makes you feel like you belong."

Catherine Tsuei
SWE @ Google
 "Dasani was instrumental in helping me get comfortable in the world of tech by providing me with resources like internship opportunities, interview tips, and people in her network to talk to. Along the way, her words of encouragement, kindness, and advice have bolstered my confidence to pursue the opportunities I would have been otherwise too afraid to even consider. Her own path in tech has always been a major source of inspiration to me and I admire her impactful efforts to make the tech space more inclusive to everyone!"
Lee R.
Analyst @ JPMorgan Chase
β€œDasani's been a great person to turn to for advice because she's been through a lot of the same experiences I wanted to try, and so she had tips on how to get there and what to do once I arrived! I also love how she's a consistently cheerful, positive person who focuses on helping and uplifting the people around her. It's important in tech to have voices working to build up others in the community, and remind people that life is more than just the company names on your resume. (Plus her doodles are so cute!).”

About Me!

I'm Dasani Madipalli (she/her). I'm currently a Program Manager at Microsoft and I've previously interned at Google and Khan Academy as a software engineer.
I'm also a career coach, artist, doodler, writer, blogger and as professional of a day dreamer as someone can be. But if I had to sum it all up in on word I'm a creative problem solver! I love building, creating and learning.

I'm my best self when I'm helping other's be their best and I love helping people reach their true potential!
At any given time you'll find me scheming with ideas, bouncing about, trying and learning new things and doodling along the way. I also have the sweetest little doggo Ziggy who  just brings so much joy into my world and hopefully yours too! Learn more about my story


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