Writing and blogging was a way for me to scale everything I guide my mentees and clients with. The following is a list of articles I've written down so far and a lot of what I know. I have linked the articles below based on category. Lots of doodles and fun writing awaits!

Career Development

How I got my first internship at Google and how you can too!
No you're not bragging and other tips for creating your resume
Ace your technical interview: What got me into google Microsoft and more!
How to get an internship in highschool - Interview with Andrew Gunderman
Everything you wanted to know about being a new-grad program manager
How to make the most of your internship

Interview Series

Meet Verah: BioInformatics Doctorate Candidate & Founder of WeCode SheCode
Meet Meenakshi: Accessibility Advocate, Incoming Masters Student & More
Meet Marie-Philippe: Founder of Girl Knows Tech & Machine Learning Masters Student
Meet Blessing: Founder of Students of LinkedIn
Meet Lauren: Civic Tech & Accessibility Advocate

Ethics & Technology

The way we use technology amplifies injustice and inequality
A list of resources to learn about injustice in tech and what you can do about it!


Here's a list of some of my favorite books - non-fiction, fiction and more. Some of these are books I like to read for fun, some of them are career related. Have a recommendation to add? Send me a message - I'm always on the hunt for new books to read.

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