I used to run a coaching business - I don't any more but I still love to mentor people. Here are the stories of my mentees.

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I used to run a coaching business. I don't anymore but I still create content to help you with your own journeys. Connect with me on social media, and ask me your questions. When I get the chance I'll create content that answers it.

I will also still be doing public speaking events, and more. Make sure to connect and stay tuned.


Grace Dai
SDE @ Amazon
"During my 3rd year of college, I really wanted to do a big tech internship but I was overwhelmed by the studying process and having done one (intense) mock interview with a friend I was dejected. But asking Dasani for help was one of the best decisions I made. She immediately empathized with how I felt and assured me it wasn't my fault-- mock interviews are hard and of course I felt overwhelmed diving into the deep end. Instead she worked with me every Sunday and clearly defined the steps we would take until I was ready. When doing mock interviews, she adjusted to my level of comfort and gave them in a more casual way while also coaching me on the side (reminding me what type of questions I should ask, suggesting different approaches). Overall, Dasani makes you feel like you have someone fighting for your side. She is a judgement free zone and in a business riddled with imposter syndrome, she makes you feel like you belong. "
Catherine Tsuei
SWE @ Google
"Dasani was instrumental in helping me get comfortable in the world of tech by providing me with resources like internship opportunities, interview tips, and people in her network to talk to. Along the way, her words of encouragement, kindness, and advice have bolstered my confidence to pursue the opportunities I would have been otherwise too afraid to even consider. Her own path in tech has always been a major source of inspiration to me and I admire her impactful efforts to make the tech space more inclusive to everyone!"

"Dasani is a judgement free zone and in a business riddled with imposter syndrome she makes you feel like you belong."

Lee. R
Analyst @ JPMorgan Chase
"Dasani's been a great person to turn to for advice because she's been through a lot of the same experiences I wanted to try, and so she had tips on how to get there and what to do once I arrived! I also love how she's a consistently cheerful, positive person who focuses on helping and uplifting the people around her. It's important in tech to have voices working to build up others in the community, and remind people that life is more than just the company names on your resume. (Plus her doodles are so cute!)"
Ayesha Ahmed
SWE Intern @ Google
"I first reached out to Dasani after I left received my engineering internship offer at Google as she had done the same program. She gave me a lot of applicable and useful tips about her experience that helped in doing well in the program. Our professional relationship developed over the course of the next few months, and I updated her with milestones in my career (such as the women techmakers scholarship, internship interviews at Microsoft and Khan Academy) which she supported through constructive and helpful advice. She helped me deconstruct the Khan Academy interviews and gave me useful advice on how to tackle the Hackerrank questions. Dasani's heart is in making the world a brighter place by helping others and developing personally. She is a valuable connection and I appreciate all that I've learnt from her. "
Meenakshi Das
Intern @ Microsoft

"Dasani gave me valuable tips and resources which ultimately led to me securing a software engineering job at Microsoft. She gave me great insight into the technology companies recruiting process! It's been a pleasure working with her."
Tunmise Opeoluwa
Quantitative Analyst @ BroadRiver
"Dasani is an amazing woman. She was assigned to be my mentor on a Facebook group, "Mentors & Mentees," to help me with the necessary advice on how to get an internship as an international student. She helped me not only with the required information but also introduced me to her network that could be of help. In the end, I secured an internship and a full-time job with an Asset Management firm in New York City. "

"Dasani's heart is in making the world a brighter place by helping others develop personally. I appreciate all that I've learnt from her"

Roxanne Yang
SWE @ Microsoft

"Dasani was super passionate about my growth. She went out her way to meet with me and provided so many valuable resources! Her support got me to where I am today."
Mia Gorczyca
SWE @ Rockwell Automation

"I met Dasani when she started the Girls Who Code chapter at Case Western Reserve University. It was really inspiring to see the impact of her ongoing efforts on high school students in the community, as well as Case Western’s volunteer facilitators. Her passion for the club is evident as she still keeps in touch with the CWRU chapter, even as an alum. That same year, Dasani encouraged me to attend my first hackathon (which I was pretty nervous about) and she invited me to join her team. Dasani helped me feel comfortable, included, and like an important member throughout the process. Lastly, Dasani has helped open my eyes to injustices and inequalities in tech through conversations, reading her blog, and attending a speech she presented for CWRU’s Hacker Society in 2019. She has also sparked my interest in learning about disability inclusion in technology. Throughout these experiences, and many more, Dasani has been friendly, resourceful, & encouraging to me as well as many others!
Diya Jolly
Masters Student @ North Eastern

"From having no idea on how to go kick start my career in a different country, you have been a guide and mentor. It has only been a few weeks I have known you. However, these few weeks have been immensely gratifying! "
Neetha N.
"Dasani is such a wonderful person and I feel blessed to have connected with her. She is filled with positive energy and radiates it to people around her. She provided me valuable tips and directed me to some great resources and network groups.Thanks for uplifting people around you and being a true leader. She is also very kind and empathetic in understanding the situation and reacting accordingly. Thank you very much for encouraging and filling positive vibes Dasani. And not to miss about her doodles , just loveee them."

"Dasani helped me believe in myself and my potential, her suggestions were quick and detailed and helped me standout in front of recruiters"

Caroline Le
Analyst Co-op @ Bose

"Dasani is very inspiring and encouraging. She inspired me to believe in myself and my potential. Dasani helped me with revamping my resume and my social media accounts in preparation for job search process. Her suggestions are helpful and detailed, mapping out quick ways that I can stand out in front of recruiters. She is also super considerate and on top of her things, which I love and appreciate so much!"
Swathi Chakkilam
Aspiring PM - Ex Microsoft (LEAP)

"Dasani is a very friendly and cheerful person :) You have helped me understand various Program Manager Roles within Microsoft for early career PM's ,How to prepare for the opportunities and how to put forward my thoughts and how to successfully deliver business ideas and brainstorm with colleagues during group meetings.How networking is an important aspect of job search and how to reach out to different networking channels and stay in touch."
Masineni Nikitha
HR Intern

"Dasani has really been an Incredible person to work with. She is a person who is filled with positive vibes. I was soo comfortable with her which usually doesn’t happen easily to me! She made me realise my potential and what I was capable for. She always answered each and every question that I had and it was like taking to my friends! Her connections are amazing and so are her resources. She is the best Career Coach and I look forward to having more sessions with her. Finally Thank you Dasani.❤️"
Analyst @ GoldmanSaachs

"You helped me understand how to approach problem solving, made me understand my strengths and weakness. You are also very inspiring and motivating for me to achieve more and more "
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